Advise our President, Please!

                  By Vic Odarve

It is the president’s adviser role …to advise and make recommendations to the president on all crucial issues facing the nation’s policies. These people must be heavily involved in all policy areas and attuned to the needs of the president on the key issues. More so, advisers are responsible for his good image both in and out of the country’s spectrum; knew exactly the direction what the president wanted in our domestic and foreign policy. Advise our president, please!

Press briefing by the President

Press briefing by the President

Presidential speeches, whether done in local and international settings, must be reviewed and filtered so as not to create different interpretations from the media men, supporters, and foes; and distort the true meaning on what the president wants to project. Local and idiomatic expressions, which often the source of misunderstanding, if possible, must be controlled. Such was the case on the traffic woes that the president said by December people can travel just 5 minutes Cubao to Makati, condemnation of KAPA as fraud scheme,and his rape jokes during the press conference.

In like manner, presidential decisions both on domestic and international issues seemed to convey more questions than what the citizens are expecting. Whether politically motivated or not, the advisers must see to it that these decisions may not create chaos and confusions among the Filipinos. Such were the cases of Marcos burial, abrupt closing of the offices of the money investing schemes sprouting throughout the country, and our policy towards America, China, and ASEAN neighbors.

Harvesting rice in Mayana- Beautiful scenery is the work of His Hands

The President’s life is not as beautiful as this scenery in Mayana

In almost all head of states like a president, a team of advisers plays an important role in their decisions. The president and advisers have to dance in tango…harmony in every step. The president growing problems in giving controversial statements and his decisions in some of our domestic issues can be addressed with advisers who knew well what the president’s wanted directions. On the other hand, the President is obligated to consult his advisers before making decisions.

Speeches, whether colorful, sarcastic or not or deemed inappropriate for public consumption, must be addressed; and decisions, whether politically motivated, payback after elections or not, must also be discussed with his advisers. But, if the President hesitates to hear the pieces of their advice and just follow his own instinct, multiple problems may crop up along his term… a huge problem for the presidential spokesperson. As we see it, this is the problem of the current administration.

Advise him, please! Before it is too late.