Old Photographs; Images of our Life

Old photographs reopened eyes to our past, re-discovered roots, and experienced its beauty and culture of our ancestors. It gives picture where we come from and see our place where we have spent our childhood years. It builds deeper connection to the past; the ancestors, great grandparents, relatives, and friends. And knowing where we come from enable people to experience the beauty and culture from old folks tread to the new generation. Old photographs are images of our life.

Field trips and seminar Chocolate hills-Bohol

Field trips and seminar
Chocolate hills-Bohol

Old pictures remind us the beauty of the places where we have spent our childhood days, playing with our childhood friends…flying kite, running, walking along the mountain trails where our grandparents used before.  These are the places where the generations of our families were born, lived and died. Pictures captured these places vividly which enable the present generation to visit and wonder how their lives were spent before.

Inspiring and imaginative, iconic old pictures teach us how to remember those we miss most, no matter how long they’ve been gone . These are the people we miss in our life, and all they still mean to us. Though most photographs are black and white, they still brings the vivid pictures the lives of our ancestors. Some of us may have inherited their physical features …the curve of our nose, and the color of the skin and eyes. Some of us are the crystal clear image of our grandparents…a living blue print from the old generation.

Great great grandparents

Great great grandparents

With their photographs we learned how our old folks lived and spent their lives. Their important events captured in the pictures…showcased how their beautiful culture and tradition flourished in their time. There are also pictures showing working together or bayanihan… a tradition which for now is seldom practice.

Yes, old pictures say a thousand words as camera captures everything. It is like a narrative of your life which you are a part of the generation; rekindle our thoughts to remember those we miss most, no matter how long they have gone. These old photographs also encourage the present generation to visit the land of their birth; attend the great annual festival or fiestas of the villages to rediscover their lost ancestral roots. Old pictures are really the images of our life.