Fake Christians; Saying One Thing and Doing Another

By Vic Odarve

From neighborhoods and elsewhere these Christians are saying one thing and doing another!

They manage illegal businesses, exploits people, and corrupt; yet pious outside but rotten inside. With just a few months from illegal business such as drugs trafficking and money laundering, they become an instant millionaire. More or less of these businessmen exploited their workers by paying low or underpaid salaries or under contractual status. Still, others are corrupt by not paying due taxes to the government. But observe them during religious rites and ceremonies, they give offerings and talk like a true Christian; that is, saying one thing but doing another. They are fake Christians!

       Pilgrims attended the celebration. Some are fake christians!

Several pieces of research showed that most millionaires were traced from illegal businesses such as drug trafficking. Their unexplained wealth and various acquired properties cannot be drawn up with proper documents. Such was the case of Senator Leila de Lima which many people believed that she has received millions from the drug lords operating inside the Bilibid to finance her campaign during the election. To date, she is languishing in jail. Being a religious person, she has already forgiven the “Judases” in her life, including her former driver and lover, Ronnie Dayan, who has turned against her. “I commend these sinners to God almighty and offer them mercy,” the senator stated.

In employment, working class people which are the driving force behind the capitalist production, are exploited by having low salaries and contractual status. Although they contributed profits in the business operation and considered as the core builders of beautiful palaces and buildings, their employers seldom give them incentives and benefits enjoyed by permanent employees. Dubai, for example, a city renowned for glitz and boast the world’s tallest building, migrant workers who build its grandeur are paid below the standard wages.  These low paid migrant workers are often housed in filthy conditions and treated like a slave during the dark ages. In the Philippine setting, the end of contract scheme employed by some employers deprives the workers and their families of enjoying the benefits given in the law.

Very religious

There are millionaires who often donate large sums to religious activities and politicians during the campaign period, acquired more profit from their businesses by not paying the right taxes to the government. To date, various business magnates are under reviewed by the government. To name few, Tan has almost P30 billion tax deficiencies, the Mighty corporation has an estimated excise tax liability of P 9.564 billion, and Dunkin doughnuts have also billions of unpaid taxes. But when questioned by media men, they seemed philanthropic but are practising another.

A novel interpretations of Christian doctrines teach that saying one thing and doing another are persons with questionable credibility. Credibility is our own choice of path in our life. It is a commitment; to be a liar or not. In math, it is a domain, the lower and upper limits in integral Calculus, representing the area that covers your life. It is believability. If credibility is questionable, a “credibility gap” is said to exist. Nobody wants to befriend you except people with the same colour as yours!

Today, there is spate of fake Christians; saying one thing but doing another!


Lying and Checkmated!

                              By Vic Odarve

Lying has been known to downgrade moral values and destroy one’s credibility necessary to lead others, yet public officials and the country’s leaders choose to lie simply to amass wealth, personal satisfaction, and conceal their futuristic plan for glory and power. In order to acquire more wealth in addition to their income, police officers and their cohorts resort to abduction on wealthy businessmen for ransom. Still, some public officials while enjoying their position in the government involve in an illicit love affair and drawing money from drugs.  In order to get what they want, whether to rebuild their lost empire and conquer the world, some world leaders resort to military adventurism but did not reveal their true intentions. At the end, these people are caught lying and some are eventually checkmated in prison and received public condemnation.

These students from Madonna University learned that lying is a sin

In order to get an extra money for being law enforcers, police officers and their cohorts resort to abduction on businessmen for ransom; when caught, they tried to deny their involvement even though caught red handed. Still, some police officers lied their involvement in some premeditated killings, but when investigated, they justified their actions in order to cover up the details of the information. Such was the case of the abduction of Korean businessman Lee and the killing of Mayor Espinosa.

During the Korean businessman Jee abduction investigation, the committee showed a closed circuit television footage that captured policeman Sta. Isabel and his accomplice, one alias, “Jerry,” taking cash as ransom payment from an ATM account traced to Jee. Sta. Isabel denied the allegations, saying he was just framed. On the killing of Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa at a sub-provincial jail in November 2016, government investigation revealed that there was a conspiracy among policemen. This led to the indictment of respondent policemen, led by former Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Region 8 (CIDG 8) chief, Supt. Marvin Marcos, for two counts of murder. Despite the CCTV footage of the Sta Isabel withdrawing the money, and the findings that the killing of the mayor was a conspiracy, these law enforcers tried to lie but in vain. The policemen are found lying and are now checkmated to their prison cells.

          Senator de lima and Dayan

Still, some public officials while enjoying their position in the government are making illicit love affair and drawing money from drugs.  Claiming that she will fight back, De Lima always denied the accusation made by the president that she has had a relationship with his driver Dayan and collected money from drug lords. She stated that the accusation was a pattern of character assassination and requested the president to double-check the data. She even used her being a woman to defend herself from critics. But sensing that there are no rooms to hide, she recently admitted her involvement with the married man. She was not telling the truth!

At the world’s stage, some leaders resort to shadowy moves by lying to the world about their true intentions of their actions. World leaders, for instance, opt to lie in order to pursue the own agenda; cover up strategic plans, especially on security matters; attain their selfish end and use to gain a strategic advantage over another country. Lying might be a smart and savvy move because often an explanation of their action is done later to ease public condemnation and disappointment. That is what happened to Assad, Putin, and Hitler.


When the US bombed Syria with cruise and tomahawk missiles for alleged chemical weapons attack against its own people, thereby crossing the red line set by Obama, Assad said the Syrian military had no chemical weapons and that it would not use them if it did. “We gave up our arsenal three years ago,” he said. “We have never used our chemical arsenal in our history.” However, a recorded conversation from US intelligence and medical findings from the victims showed otherwise. Definitely, Assad is lying.

During his press conference on March 4, 2014, Putin informed the people that he had no intention to annex Crimea. But what happened on the referendum on March 16? The people had the option that Crimea is part of Russia. A tricky maneuver! Thus Crimea was annexed and became a part of Russia. He was lying to the world! Hitler, too, was lying. Barely after 6 months of his promise not to take anymore Czech territory after the Munich Pact, he grabbed the rest of Czechoslovakia on the pretext of protecting the German-speaking population. He was also lying to the world.

Univ. of Immaculate Conception students are taught that lying is not an accepted norm

In human history, lying seems the easiest formula the world leaders and public officials have to use in order to attain their hidden objectives.But God, in no instances, encourages lying would be an acceptable thing to do. But rather, it teaches us that we are hurting ourselves by lying. It’s in the Bible,

“Stop lying to each other; tell the truth, for we are parts of each other and when we lie to each other we are hurting ourselves.”- Ephesians 4:25

Some people think that lying is an accepted in our society. Lying downgrades moral values and destroy one’s credibility necessary to lead others. Some public officials after investigations are now checkmated in their prison cells.

Control Your Big Mouth, Please!

                           By Vic Odarve

It is better to control your talkative mouth for your own safety, avoid embarrassments, and unwanted troubles. Too private and confidential information must not be divulged especially in public for safety reasons. Public speeches, whether done in private or public, must be spoken with care and control, avoiding ambiguous words with too many interpretations to various listeners. Unsolicited discussions, comments, and the information are done in a casual conversation or in the public forum must be controlled to avoid unpleasant reactions. Control your big mouth, please!

President Rody Duterte

Personal and family activities, as a rule, is more beneficial to keep private for safety reasons. An orchestrated highway robbery, daring daylight abductions, and assassinations of top officials are among the few results by not keeping them secret. Summer and Christmas vacations which usually involve travelling with a huge amount of money must not be posted on Facebook for these often give second thoughts to scoundrels and scalawags. Nowadays, unwanted incidents in one’s life due to careless revelation are on the rise. It is better to control your big mouth, please!

 Speaking engagements or speeches, whether done in private or public, must be spoken with care and control. That is, talking without thinking! If possible, avoid ambiguous words or jokes with too many interpretations for the audience, press corps, and other people of different races to understand. What is considered acceptable in one culture or language usage may be considered an insult to another. That is what happened to President Digong. In one of the interviews, he openly admitted that he killed three criminals while being a mayor in Davao city. The news amplified and grew rapidly like a wildfire! This prompted the U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch murder investigations into President Rodrigo Duterte. This also prompted the Magdalo group to file an impeachment against the president. Whether it is just a joke, an excitement or to give colour to an occasion, the speech destroys the credibility and backfire on his personality. As a result, the president has to argue with all his might to reason out and resorted to “bad mouthing” UN and other agencies on human rights who condemned him in both local and international media forums. His political adversaries even urge him to resign being a criminal. Control your big mouth, please!

Worst yet, unsolicited discussions, comments, and information in a casual conversation or during ambushed interviews or public forum sometimes draw various negative reactions from the audiences and the media. Last December when PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa announced that Duterte has allocated P100, 000 to P400, 000.00 for each top cop, it was greeted with joy. But a few days after, Christmas bonuses were cancelled. The reason might be that the Palace became discouraged due to his earlier announcement and due to the numerous queries cropped up. All these things brought an unpleasant atmosphere to his working environment.

Biblical story, too, reminds us that it is better to keep some of the things in our life unsaid. Abraham kept his mouth shut for the day he received the message to sacrifice Isaac until the final moments when the angel intervened.

Life is what we make it. Perhaps some intimate details in our lives are better left unsaid. Keep it from public knowledge! Even to our best friends! Or make second thoughts if we want to divulge! By keeping some vital information to ourselves is a safer option than risking ourselves to the outside world. We will soon realize that this world is much wider than just what we know to be our own.

Control your big mouth, please!