Fake Christians; Saying One Thing and Doing Another

By Vic Odarve

From neighborhoods and elsewhere these Christians are saying one thing and doing another!

They manage illegal businesses, exploits people, and corrupt; yet pious outside but rotten inside. With just a few months from illegal business such as drugs trafficking and money laundering, they become an instant millionaire. More or less of these businessmen exploited their workers by paying low or underpaid salaries or under contractual status. Still, others are corrupt by not paying due taxes to the government. But observe them during religious rites and ceremonies, they give offerings and talk like a true Christian; that is, saying one thing but doing another. They are fake Christians!

       Pilgrims attended the celebration. Some are fake christians!

Several pieces of research showed that most millionaires were traced from illegal businesses such as drug trafficking. Their unexplained wealth and various acquired properties cannot be drawn up with proper documents. Such was the case of Senator Leila de Lima which many people believed that she has received millions from the drug lords operating inside the Bilibid to finance her campaign during the election. To date, she is languishing in jail. Being a religious person, she has already forgiven the “Judases” in her life, including her former driver and lover, Ronnie Dayan, who has turned against her. “I commend these sinners to God almighty and offer them mercy,” the senator stated.

In employment, working class people which are the driving force behind the capitalist production, are exploited by having low salaries and contractual status. Although they contributed profits in the business operation and considered as the core builders of beautiful palaces and buildings, their employers seldom give them incentives and benefits enjoyed by permanent employees. Dubai, for example, a city renowned for glitz and boast the world’s tallest building, migrant workers who build its grandeur are paid below the standard wages.  These low paid migrant workers are often housed in filthy conditions and treated like a slave during the dark ages. In the Philippine setting, the end of contract scheme employed by some employers deprives the workers and their families of enjoying the benefits given in the law.

Very religious

There are millionaires who often donate large sums to religious activities and politicians during the campaign period, acquired more profit from their businesses by not paying the right taxes to the government. To date, various business magnates are under reviewed by the government. To name few, Tan has almost P30 billion tax deficiencies, the Mighty corporation has an estimated excise tax liability of P 9.564 billion, and Dunkin doughnuts have also billions of unpaid taxes. But when questioned by media men, they seemed philanthropic but are practising another.

A novel interpretations of Christian doctrines teach that saying one thing and doing another are persons with questionable credibility. Credibility is our own choice of path in our life. It is a commitment; to be a liar or not. In math, it is a domain, the lower and upper limits in integral Calculus, representing the area that covers your life. It is believability. If credibility is questionable, a “credibility gap” is said to exist. Nobody wants to befriend you except people with the same colour as yours!

Today, there is spate of fake Christians; saying one thing but doing another!


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