What I Left Behind To My Students

                By Vic Odarve

As would be the last classroom lecture before the class ends for the second semester, I reminded them to take a promissory note from the College Dean should there will be a problem on a permit to take the final exam. And further, by doing so since they are graduating, special exams can be avoided which may bring complication in their coming graduation.


Engineering Students-Philippines

But after two days from the final examination, two students failed to take the exam. “I was not feeling well, sir”, one student told me. Then the other one informed me that he failed to pay his tuition obligation for the school and that the Dean did not approve his request.

When I heard these, my world crumbled like a black curtain fell, destroying the timetable already laid up for smooth planning on their graduation and the submission of grades. This means another time for exam preparation, correction, as well as grades computation, to meet the deadline on all requirements for graduating students. It is additional work and another life stressors!


My Engineering Students-African University

I pondered for a moment. I believed that they were fighting a battle common for the graduating students…financial. The problem seemed to flash back and forth in my mind recalling the memories of my college days. I had been experiencing such a situation before that nearly failed me to march during the graduation day. And perhaps, these two students had the same problem. But am not certain!

The helplessness and uncertainty of the situation whether these two students could graduate or not keep on pressing in my mind. I already had deep attachments with these students for having with them since in their freshmen years. And they were my best performers in the classroom.

    Classroom lecture

 And upon my advice, with the presence of their parents, we met the College Dean and together made a promissory note with the Registrar. Finally, it worked!

Sometimes life is a pain but there are situations that taught us the determination to move forward when facing adversity. The students tried to work hard that seemed solutions were out of sight.

For us, it was a chance to show a view of humanity that a little help meant a great thing for those in need. Sometimes we have to understand the unique challenges each of us faces so that we could treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, and care.

Today when I see students marching on their graduation day, I always remember these two students.

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