Control Your Big Mouth, Please!

                           By Vic Odarve

It is better to control your talkative mouth for your own safety, avoid embarrassments, and unwanted troubles. Too private and confidential information must not be divulged especially in public for safety reasons. Public speeches, whether done in private or public, must be spoken with care and control, avoiding ambiguous words with too many interpretations to various listeners. Unsolicited discussions, comments, and the information are done in a casual conversation or in the public forum must be controlled to avoid unpleasant reactions. Control your big mouth, please!

President Rody Duterte

Personal and family activities, as a rule, is more beneficial to keep private for safety reasons. An orchestrated highway robbery, daring daylight abductions, and assassinations of top officials are among the few results by not keeping them secret. Summer and Christmas vacations which usually involve travelling with a huge amount of money must not be posted on Facebook for these often give second thoughts to scoundrels and scalawags. Nowadays, unwanted incidents in one’s life due to careless revelation are on the rise. It is better to control your big mouth, please!

 Speaking engagements or speeches, whether done in private or public, must be spoken with care and control. That is, talking without thinking! If possible, avoid ambiguous words or jokes with too many interpretations for the audience, press corps, and other people of different races to understand. What is considered acceptable in one culture or language usage may be considered an insult to another. That is what happened to President Digong. In one of the interviews, he openly admitted that he killed three criminals while being a mayor in Davao city. The news amplified and grew rapidly like a wildfire! This prompted the U. N. High Commissioner for Human Rights to launch murder investigations into President Rodrigo Duterte. This also prompted the Magdalo group to file an impeachment against the president. Whether it is just a joke, an excitement or to give colour to an occasion, the speech destroys the credibility and backfire on his personality. As a result, the president has to argue with all his might to reason out and resorted to “bad mouthing” UN and other agencies on human rights who condemned him in both local and international media forums. His political adversaries even urge him to resign being a criminal. Control your big mouth, please!

Worst yet, unsolicited discussions, comments, and information in a casual conversation or during ambushed interviews or public forum sometimes draw various negative reactions from the audiences and the media. Last December when PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa announced that Duterte has allocated P100, 000 to P400, 000.00 for each top cop, it was greeted with joy. But a few days after, Christmas bonuses were cancelled. The reason might be that the Palace became discouraged due to his earlier announcement and due to the numerous queries cropped up. All these things brought an unpleasant atmosphere to his working environment.

Biblical story, too, reminds us that it is better to keep some of the things in our life unsaid. Abraham kept his mouth shut for the day he received the message to sacrifice Isaac until the final moments when the angel intervened.

Life is what we make it. Perhaps some intimate details in our lives are better left unsaid. Keep it from public knowledge! Even to our best friends! Or make second thoughts if we want to divulge! By keeping some vital information to ourselves is a safer option than risking ourselves to the outside world. We will soon realize that this world is much wider than just what we know to be our own.

Control your big mouth, please!