Nature’s Christmas Tree on Display

         By Vic Odarve

Seemingly unseen by many urban people and usually taken for granted or forgotten by the rural folks, nature’s Christmas trees are displayed in some parts of the African continent in a scintillating beauty…simple, unique, and awesome. From the ordinary palm tree hang a number of bird’s nests resembling Christmas toys, cards, and gifts. Unique as it is, birds are jumping in the bough of the trees as if singing the Christmas carols; celebrating the incoming Christmas seasons that Christians also rejoice. It is an awesome reminder for mankind that the tree, untrimmed and untouched by human skillful hands, looks like a Christmas tree. It is a nature’s Christmas tree on display!


Nature’s Christmas tree, Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa

Simply from the common palm trees, they are decorated similarly to our own made Christmas tree. The tree is real and untrimmed; simply the birds’ nests hanging on the leaves as decoration, and birds gather around the nests reminded us like children exchanging gifts. Birds sing in unison as if a choir calling their presence of God the Almighty; they do this at the end of their daily activities before going to rest. The tree attracted everyone and people know how they loved the nests hang from the leaves of the tree. And it looks like a man-made Christmas tree. Absolutely beautiful and so simple!

This nature’s Christmas tree is something unique as it brightens the spirit of everyone. Instead of cards, expensive

Mayana Village at night

Mayana Village – Christmas season

gifts and long ribbons and garlands made out of beads to accentuate the color of your choice, birds’ nests were hung on the tree itself. Nature’s decors it for an elegant look! It never fails to bring smiles to people’s faces and proudly invites everyone for the perfect holiday season. People say the tree was the coolest, prettiest, and perfect Christmas tree. It is a unique Christmas tree; keep the people fully reminded and exactly what they wanted on a Christmas tree.


Christmas tree at home

Christmas tree, Davao City, Philippines

It is an awesome nature’s reminder! This tree reminds us of our strong spiritual connection to our Christian belief and to some extent, its display gives us a more joyous celebration; hence glorifying our God. It also shows our strong kinship and oneness with nature; the palm tree once again painted the scenes of serenity and grandeur described by the psalmist in the word of God. Although Christmas tree tradition dates back to the 16th or 15th century, which devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes, to date we would do well to remember that they are ultimately symbols of the One who gave himself to mankind.

And as we greet the Christmas celebration, this palm tree decorated with birds’ nests is indeed the simple, unique, and an awesome Christmas tree that nature wants to display to mankind!

Merry Christmas to all!