Corrupt Politicians and Justice for Sale

          By Vic Odarve

With strong connections from the justice departments, billions of dollars at their disposal, and being members of a solid and influential political dynasty, politicians may be safe from the bribery and corruption charges. Normally corrupt people who have a strong connection with the judicial officers will be saved from the lawsuit. Political leaders, who became billionaires from illegal government transactions, are expected to pass aside from the court investigation. Strong political influences do extend its arm in hiding unlawful acts perpetrated by a member of any political dynasties. This is the modern landscape in our democratic world; government and wealth… with the skillful maneuvering may save politicians from imprisonment. It is justice for sale!



Yes, strong connection to any one of the judges could do marvels. Usually connection dates back from the feudal time where grandparents are close with each other, friends, schoolmates, and events that were shared together. Some judges do some favors as personal gratitude as a long- time friends and allies, and for aiding and defending them in their time of difficulties. It is the payback period. That is why some politicians, despite proof of voluminous files on graft and corruptions for cheating billions of dollars, the case drags slowly until it fades off to limbo. Case stands still like time and space in black hole due to strong gravitational pull.  It is a frustrating scenario to the electorates and voting public in general. Strong connections work!

Bong Revilla is implicated in a pork barrel scam

Bong Revilla is implicated in a pork barrel scam

The color of money still makes the difference. Politicians who are billionaires can afford good lawyers who will defend everything at all cost just to twist the case on the client’s favor. On that point are reported instances that some members of the magistrates allegedly facilitated the sale of court decisions, influencing other justices to find in favor of the clients for a monetary value.  Take the example of the mayor of Makati City, Philippines. When an anti-graft court issued 60-day suspension to a city mayor, Court of Appeals came to the rescue. The Court of Appeals issued a temporary restraining order and then a writ of injunction on the Ombudsman order. The Senate investigating committee accused two Courts of Appeals justices of receiving money from a Makati mayor in exchange for an order restraining the Ombudsman from suspending the mayor under investigation. Worse, people clamor that CA justice is for sale. This restraining order saved the mayor from suspension. The color of money makes the difference. Justice is for sale!

Marcos regime is one of the most corrupt in the history of  governance.

Marcos regime is one of the most corrupt in the history of governance.

Political dynasty has always influenced the court cases. Politics does influence the judges’ decisions considering their stakes in some of the client’s social and business circles. Some justices are appointed by the political kingpin of the particular area of legal power; others are associated with their jobs. With dynasty, democratic exercise can be easily manipulated for selfish ends; enabling them to stay in power. In this way, they have monopolistic control over the economic resources within given territorial jurisdictions or bailiwicks. In areas where landlords and political clans dominate, justice usually runs to the favor to the mighty and powerful. Political dynasties rule!

Indonesia Suharto regime was widely seen as corrupt in 1998.

Indonesia Suharto regime was widely seen as corrupt in 1998.

But not all politicians and justices are built the same. There are few who are not after for money nor being afraid of the famous and powerful men in society. They fought and adhere to the law. That is why some politicians who earn billions of money from the public funds are put behind bars. Such was the example of former Nicaraguan president Alemán who, in 2003 was charged with corruption and embezzlement, found guilty, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Marcos and Suharto regimes are also remembered for the rampant corruptions at the highest levels of the government. Both of them lost support from fellow politicians and justices at the brink of their governance.

Too much politicking, corruption, and political dynasties are widely blamed for weak democracy. These are the underlying reasons why cheaters in our government offices escape from punishment. Fighting corruption and cleansing judicial judges are necessary. It is a painful process, but must be done. Crooked politicians and justices with corrupt inclinations must be out of our generation. Justice is not for sale!

Departed Souls Await Judgment

                                                 By Vic Odarve

After death life continuous! Spirit of the souls, the immaterial part of a man, travels to a temporary place where souls await the final judgment.

Compartment of the Sinners

Compartment of the Sinners

But there was a man named Enoch, who walked with God heavenward so that he did not see death. (Heb 11:5). Being a righteous man, God gave him a privilege like a tourist. He toured this soul dwelling place with the angel Raphael as a guide. The place was already inhabited; the spirit of the soul of Abel was there.

As described by Enoch, the dwelling place of departed souls consisted of four hollow places; deep and wide and very smooth

Righteous Men Compartment

Righteous Men Compartment

and dark to look at. Here are the divisions, as follows;

  • The first one was for the righteous that died at the hands of the sinners. This division has a bright spring of water.
  • The second was for the saints. Such has been made for the spirits of men who were not righteous, but sinners, who were complete in transgression, and of the transgressors they shall be companions: but their spirits shall not be slain in the
    Angel Raphael as tour guide

    Angel Raphael as tour guide

    Day of Judgment nor shall they be raised from thence.’

  • The third was for sinners who were not punished while living on earth. Here their spirits shall be set apart in this great pain till the great Day of Judgment and punishment and torment of those who curse forever and retribution for their spirits. There He shall bind them forever.
  • The fourth was for sinners who were partially punished while on earth. And such a division has been made for the spirits of those who make their suit, who make disclosures concerning their destruction when they were slain in the

    Deep, dark, smooth, and hollow places

    days of the sinners.

The picture is clear. God made four compartments for the departed souls. Even Abraham was seen there in the righteous compartments with Lazarus! When the rich man died and was in hell where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham and Lazarus afar off and asked help. Abraham replied: Between your place and ours a great division/chasm has been fixed so that no one can cross over from here to you or from your side to us. Luke 16:26

 Everybody is bound to leave his earthly suit and every soul returns to where it belongs. One thing is certain: somebody owns our souls and identifies the ones that are doomed for destruction.

“For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son-both alike, belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.” Ezek 18:4 NIV

The choice to which compartment you prepare is yours and is irrevocable when the dust of all the cities incarnadines the sunsets of the world.