Vote for my Presidential Candidate,Please!

             By Vic Odarve

As the executive branch consists of several departments, a candidate for president must be an experienced leader who has a strong authority to manage and direct the activities; take quick action on problems facing the nation, such as corruption and hardened criminals, and must have a strong character to react smartly and cleverly under stressful conditions. Leadership experience, tough in fighting corruption and criminals, and strong character to hold up pressures attribute a great president. So, on this coming presidential derby on May, vote for my candidate, please!

Presidential candidates debate- Philippines politics

Presidential candidates debate- Philippines politics

A presidential candidate with considerable leadership experience can propel the direction on his decision intelligently on various issues; run the country with authority in harmony with other government branches, and understand to what extent are his duties and responsibilities.  He can rely not much on his advisers as with traditional politicians usually do; establish a reputation of not favoring the elite few. As a seasoned leader, he must be strong and decisive; widely seen as better able to handle the responsibilities of being commander in chief, and more often align with people views on important issues facing the country. His leadership experience counts!

A would be president must be a proven leader in fighting corruption and criminality which every leader always promises but failed significantly for the past several decades. With various syndicates on drugs and criminal elements eluding the justice system, a candidate must be tough, iron-fisted, and fear no one whether these persons are bigwigs and famous in the society. Likewise, he must have a  will and determination to bring corrupt government officials to justice irrespective of party’s affiliation. These corrupt public servants are known as the “looting machine” explain why this country is not rising. So, we need a tough president to address corruption, crime, and drug problems.

Campaign promises

Campaign promises

As the job requires decision-making both domestic and international issues, the position takes a special kind of person with a strong character… someone tough, smart, and driven. These attributes are necessary allowing him to implement laws and hold up the working situation in its order under the pressures of  various peppering problems plaguing the nation such as  the South China Sea, terrorist attack, secessionist, and economy. He may not be a gifted speaker like Hitler and Mussolini but could drum up support for his policies from congress and draw big followers from the common masses. He should promise to tear up the feudal lord system and make the country great again. He must have a strong backing from the nation’s minorities, and argue for realistic solutions to problems, rather than rhetoric, and above all, bring unity.

As the campaign period about to end with various trends shown in the surveys and social media who are on the top standing, the result may twist and turn  different comes the election day. Believe it or not, people are tired of criminals and corrupt public officials, weak and indecisive leaders, and traditional politicians with the same campaign promises since the beginning of the democratic elections. People need change; a leader who could chase and eliminate these perennial problems and display mature composure in the decision making while under pressures.

Duterte's banner

          Duterte’s banner

With proven background experience in curving criminality and drug problems, unblemished record in graft and corruption as public officials, spend less for election-related activity, and draw a large crowd during the campaign trail, he will be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines. He is not fighting for his own glory but to bring hope to the countless masses of people who are poor, hungry, oppressed, and without a future.

 Only one politician claimed to be… Mayor Duterte. Vote for my presidential candidate, please!