A Little Patience Please!

By Vic Odarve

Madonna University,Elele campus, Riverstate, Nigeria, Africa

Madonna University,
Elele campus, Rivers state, Nigeria, Africa

Incessant request for good services is annoying and irritating. And sometimes you did not know that you have paid for it. It takes your precious time for follow-ups and disrupts your daily activities. How much more if it takes almost a month to iron out the things instead of having it completed in a 4 days transaction!  But here in Africa, it is not surprising. It is a common scenario. A little patience is required to work your things out. Patience, please!

It might be a complex for a foreigner to understand the picture unless you do a close look or until you are drawn in one of your business transactions.

Take a case on one of my bank transactions! Just a simple money transfer! It was December 8 that I made a bank transaction. The money was meant for December 25- a Christmas day. And it should suppose to arrive at that date. But after 7 days the recipient did receive nothing. I made a call to the bank manager and he then fixed the problem. So I waited another more working days and to my surprise, the same thing happened. Delayed for the second time! So I called back the manager again several times and begged to give an attention to what had happened. Finally after several calls and follow-ups, the recipient did receive the money. It was already January 2 after New Year! It took almost a month! Instead of 4 days!

There might be something wrong in the bank management. It is difficult to imagine how a simple transaction that could be done in a four working day period ended up in almost a month-long with constant monitoring. In both transaction failures, the bank did not merely notify thru phone or email to its customer.  It seems that this thing is normal in their daily transaction. In their working atmosphere, there’s no such thing as urgent! How about the customers? Customers may keep on calling at the office for follow ups and struggle in pain over their services.

Here it requires a lot of patience than demanding your rights as a customer. It is quite complex for a foreigner to understand the management system the bank is having. Can we do something more? Nothing other than to adopt in order to live and survive in this world where patience reigns supreme than fighting over your rights as a customer.